About Us

Rashed Kanchan Corporation (RKC) is a fully independent and leading PR, Branding and Marketing company in Bangladesh. RKC began its operation in May 2005. Our vision is simple - to reach the global PR market with brand new and innovative ideas, new ways of working with proven systems and tools. We offer very cost-effective and result-based services for the clients, be it for the small, medium or large enterprises.

One of our core values are the speed of implementation, through which we deliver the expected results for our clients. Only handpicked, and highly qualified from the selected top seven states' recognised universities, our colleagues are also very dynamic, creative, and efficient. They are fully prepared to serve you under the guidance and leadership of Mr Rashed Kanchan.

Rashed is, indeed, one of the most popular broadcasters in Bangladesh. He is also one of the very few war correspondents and live broadcasters in South East Asia.

We work with our clients to create various digital products and services that solve the problems of today as well as define the opportunities for the future.

Through our company builder and accelerator arms, we also develop our own sustainable products and services. They are strategic PR, publications, facilitation of FDI and OVI trading, liaison to trading and sourcing, facilitation of export and import, sustainable tourism, to name a few.

As an investor, we areas well open to investing in innovative ventures, all with the same goal of creating a meaningful impact in the world economy and global population; be it for the innovative experiences of our clients or launching businesses that redefine and push the boundaries of conventional industries.

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