Why Us

Industry expertise
RKC, with a proven record, has worked on countless campaigns in the entertainment, fashion and consumer goods industries, to create a project concept which then came to a magical conclusion.

Personalised team
RKC has a core group of creative individuals that produces results. We are also great at consistently building a specialised team for our clients through partnerships. We commit to our clients with conviction, reliability, great service and cost effectiveness.

Style and substance
Our work is strategic, relevant,effective and engaging.

Audience insights
We have a strong understanding of a wide variety of consumer demographics, their content consumption habits and digital technology usage. We research, as well as carry out competitive analysis for the most current and relevant statistics.

Digital execution
RKC produces campaigns that are ground breaking. We have thorough knowledge of information architecture, user interface, design and development, widget integration, and CRM and CMS integration strategies.

We are unified and focused
Being unified helps us to focus on each project we undertake, allowing us to make creativity and quality our top priority. Being a cohesive unit also helps us to build a stronger, yet personal relationship that often gets lost within a large organisation.

We Grow Together!

Our Worldwide Partners